We Specialize in Tax Preparation for Individuals and Business.

We have the resources and expertise of a large tax firm!

Tampa Bay Tax Services, LLC has experience in tax preparation for individuals as well as businesses. If you need help preparing your taxes or just want someone to take a headache away from organizing for the year-end, give us a call at 727-343-3132 to set an appointment today.

Tax Planning & Preparation

If you are starting a new business, planning to make a large purchase, or are making a life change that may involve how you process your returns, planning and consulting with Tampa Bay Tax Services could benefit you immensely.

Accounting Services

Accounting services for any business is a must; knowing and getting all the information you need, plus making sense of it all can be stressful. Tampa Bay Tax Services offers you the help you need to make sound business decisions!

If you have back tax problems or owe the IRS more than you can pay, learn about our Back Tax services.

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“I was really dreading talking to another dry tax drone.”

Thank you! I feel like I got 5 times more accomplished in the hour or so we talked than I did the 12 wasted days with the other guy. I was really dreading talking to another dry tax drone!
K.K. • Seminole, FL
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